• Local Food Products
  • Fruits/Vegetables
  • Meat / Poultry Products
  • Specialty Foods (honey, herbs, mushrooms etc.)
  • Greenhouses
  • Handmade items (leather works, textiles, sewing, knitting)
  • Landscape / nursery
  • Agri-tourism
  • Agri- Services

Radius - 50 km from Breton This would cover the approximate area of: Thorsby, Ma Me O Beach, Hoadly, Alder Flats, Drayton Valley, Tomahawk, Genesse.

 Information that we would list

  • Business Name
  • Contact person
  • Phone number
  • Website link
  • Short description - 2 - 3 sentences of product

Cost: $40 / year (for members) starting July 2021 ( 12 month period for listing)   $50/ year for non-members

To advertise your Local Product or Agri Service please fill out the application.


Category – Check only your primary one. (additional categories may be listed for $5 each)

I understand that it is my responsibility to check that the information posted is current and correct. The Breton Agriculture Society takes no responsibility that these products / items meet industry standards and qualifications.

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